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The Rent A Girl Now Directory is the newest, human edited and maintained directory of Services! We offer listings for many different types of services, including:



  • Home Cleaning Services & Maid Services
  • Food Preparation Services
  • Nanny & Childcare Services
  • Computer Services
  • Home Services
  • Entertainment Services
  • Rain Gutter Cleaning Services
  • Health and Wellness Services




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The Rent A Girl Now Service Directory also provides resources for supplies, equipment. To find supplies, and equipment you can search using the search box on the upper left or make a selection below

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 Services: Tips for Hiring a Service


Services usually offer many different types of services. Use care when searching for a  service to be sure the company you are considering offer the type of cleaning services you’re searching for. Also, be sure to ask for references from other clients. It is important to be sure to ask every company you are considering for proof of insurance and keep that information in a safe place. It is also a good idea to ask the owner who will be providing services for your home or office, how long have they worked for the company, and if you will have the same  person every time they provide the service for your home or office. Getting answers to these general questions will give you a better idea of what to expect when the person arives and can improve your relationship with the service company and the employees to prevent disagreements later on.


Starting Your Own Service?

Starting your own service business can be difficult. The Rent a Girl Now Service Directory offers different resources for starting your own service business. Be sure to check our resource area for new service business owners by using the links below.





Many services also provide other services for homeowners and business owners that are frequently away from their home. As a result, The Rent a Girl Now Service Directory also owns other directories which can be found by using the “Other Services” button at the top of any page.

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